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Core Values

Who We Are & What We Believe

Specialty Building Products believes that by maintaining a culture based on these Core Values, we are building a high-performance organization that can actually make a difference in our world one person at a time. They didn't come from consultants, nor are they aspirational. They reflect what we actually believe and how we actually behave. They are who we are. 

ETHOS: What We Believe

Always Do the Right Thing - Even When it is Hard.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due.

Most of the Credit is Not Due to You.

Use Your Influence To Have a Uniquely Positive Impact on People.

COMMUNITY: How We Treat Each Other

Develop People by Serving the Whole Person.

Be Consistently Responsive to Customers and Suppliers.

Lead with Influence; not Position, Title or Tenure.

ATTITUDE: How We Play The Game

Live out Idealism.

Don't Settle.

Live with Intentionality. Make Sure Your Progress is on a Well-Conceived Path.

Don't Finish Fresh. Give Everything You Have Every Day.

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